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Unlimited Disk Space

We do not impose any limit on the amount of disk space on your account.

1 FTP accounts

Every domain name hosted on your account has its own FTP account which you can use to upload the files for that domain. 

1 E-mail accounts

The reseller account includes 1 full POP3 e-mail accounts, auto responder and forwarder. It can be set up on any domain on your account, enabling your customers with full e-mail facilities.

Windows 2000 servers

Your domains are hosted on the latest Intel Windows 2000 servers with full support for ASP, Perl, CGI, ISAPI, SHTML and IHTML scripting technologies. We also support the Microsoft Frontpage 2000 extensions.

Live statistics for your domains

You can view real-time information about the visitors to your domain names.

ODBC Database support

Your domains can use any ODBC compliant database such as Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel. ODBC data sources can be installed instantly on your control panel.

New Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Databases

You can create MSSQL Server databases on your account and have full control of them via the Microsoft Enterprise Manager or ODBC. MSSQL Server is the most powerful database available for the web today and is the solution used by many Corporate and Financial institutions worldwide.

New Advanced Password Protection

You can password protect areas of your website and authenticate users from a text file or any ODBC database. This can be achieved without any scripting and is controlled by the server giving high security and a professional image to visitors. 

SSL Secure Server functionality

You can install SSL on your account which allow secure transactions between your website and your customers. 

Technical support and customer service

1 Dollar Hosting Only offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via and e-mail.

There is currently no setup fee on the reseller account and there are no additional charges to add additional virtual servers to your account.
Payable Monthly.

The following are optional extras:


  Personal Control Panel for a domain name US$ 10 per year
  FrontPage 2000 extensions on a domain name US$ 35 per year
  Live Statistics (Example) for a domain name US$ 20 per year
  Password Protection on a domain name US$ 20 per year
  SQL Server Database US$ 40 per month
  SSL Secure Server US$ 70 per year


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