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     1Dollar Hosting is an Internet creativity company.
We create web sites that are highly attractive, cost-effective, navigational, interactive and stimulating. We don't just create web sites, we help our clients impact the technological revolution of the World Wide Web.

We are sure that you will love the way we will present your company on the World Wide Web mixing design and techniques, maintaining a unique, custom look that will make it stand out from your competitors.

Our website design service has been developed to be a hassle free service to our customers. All websites are designed to the highest standards and we communicate in-depth with our client in every stage of the development

We creates premium web sites while remaining cost effective by using ultra high-end media solutions, thus giving you another reason to choose 1 Dollar Hosting as your web development company.

Some Tools, Application, Databases and Software we use to Design and Develop Web sites are:
HTML DHTML VRML Java Visual Basic
ASP Cold Fusion Perl PHP ActiveX
Flash Gif Animations 2D / 3D Graphics Custom Graphics

your requirement and we will be pleased
to get a custom design for your website.

To give you some idea of our designing rates, we have designed a web development package. However we can always make a custom quote based on your requirement.

 E-Business Starter

5 Pages Web Designing in HTML
Company Logo
Product Pictures
Advance Clip Art
Animation Graphics
Java Applets
Java Scripts
VB Scripts
Background Images
Hit Counter

US$ 50.00/-

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